GIOMI RSA s.r.l., a Gruppo GIOMI S.p.A. Company, deals with healthcare management, personal care services and services related to Residential Healthcare for the Elderly.

In addition to the know-how gained over 50 years in healthcare management, GIOMI S.p.A. has made available to Nursing Homes a computerised system for research, the exchange of experience and clinical case histories, statistical processing and, above all, the option of using common protocols in healthcare practice, the outcome of the continuous comparison between the various Facilities.

Dott. Fabio Miraglia   The computerised management of Nursing Homes was assigned to IG.COM, a GIOMI Group company that is the partner of major foreign groups. An Intranet network was designed to create a Virtual Hospital, the borders of which are no longer physical but scientific. The company believes working closely with its clients is fundamental, because the key to success is not the software programme but the continuous advice and assistance that builds up firm customer loyalty. The direct and personal expertise of what Healthcare really is, represents the company’s strong point.
With entrepreneurial determination to export GIOMI RSA’s know-how beyond national borders, the company entered the German market in 2011 with the current GIOMI DEUTSCHLAND GMBH, in the search of new markets but also, if not primarily, new transnational management models of care for the elderly.  
The result was the piloting of an Italo-German management model unique on the European panorama, daily fed by the international exchange of knowledge, expertise and human resources.
Anticipating a trend established with the European Union resolution of 4 April 2014, which gave the go-ahead to cross-border healthcare, since 2012 the company has worked on drawing up protocols, Resident Assessment Tools and professional training programmes with European validity.
Currently, GIOMI DEUTSCHLAND GMBH has 6 Nursing Homes, 106 Assisted Living Apartments and a service company with a total of 572 beds.
GIOMI RSA Chief Executive Officer is Prof. Fabio Miraglia.
GIOMI RSA s.r.l.
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Head Office: Viale Carso, 44 – 00195 Roma
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