Futura Stem Cells
Futura Stem Cells is engaged in the private storage of umbilical cord stem cells.
Indeed, its mission is to make the private storage of cord stem cells the right choice for all mothers, with the maximum guarantee and zero risks.
Stem cells are primitive cells, that is, functionally undifferentiated. This feature enables them to be used as an alternative therapy source to treat serious blood diseases such as cancerous diseases such as leukaemia, lymphoma and non-cancerous diseases such as thalassemia, bone marrow aplasia and congenital immunodeficiency in children and adults, with more than 20,000 successful applications in recent years alone.
The Futura Stem Cells bank, located in England and, therefore, within the European Union, ensures the use of its samples in every State of the Union, including Italy.
Certification by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA), the top regulatory authority appointed by the EU for human tissue in the United Kingdom, made it legally equivalent (reference Legislative Decree of 6 November 2007, no. 191) to Italian public banks.
The precious biological material will be stored at a temperature of – 196°C in nitrogen vapour. The bags are placed in suitable cryo-containers (tanks) able to withstand the extreme temperature required by the procedure.
Here, the sample is kept in a single bag furnished with a main compartment and three separate, small compartments to enable later, supplementary analyses. Once frozen, the parents receive the cryoconservation certificate: a document complete with all the data on the quality, la quantity and traceability of the sample.
The release and return of the sample following presentation of the medical documentation stating the real need for use will be effected within a maximum of 72 hours in any part of the world. For the samples, Futura Stem Cells takes advantage of the additional guarantee of TRASER, a specialist Italian transporter of blood and organs, for the maximum guarantee, even on public holidays and on the islands.
Our certificates:
ISO 9001:VISION for the storage of cord blood
UK NEQAS for an additional guarantee on the results of the analyses
Futura Stem Cells Chief Executive Officer is Dr Lorenzo Miraglia



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